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Osmoz Finish

Cognac Cask Finish

Like Laurent VALLET, subtle and traditional, Osmoz Cognac Cask Finish is an authentic range of Yellow gins. «I selected two cognac barrels in order to refine our Citrus and Classic gins. This finish allows us to complete the aromatic palette of our Osmoz gins, while maintaining their freshness.»

This second batch’s color is typical of «Yellow Gin», a beautiful light straw yellow. It reveals a character marked by juniper notes on the nose, accompanied by citrus and spices, notably clove. In the mouth, the presence of the cognac barrel wood imparts a solid structure.

The palate is equally powerful and aromatic while subtle floral notes of white flowers emerge. Lime is distinct, adding a lively freshness. The amplitude and balance are particularly well-defined, providing a precise and balanced gustatory experience.

Osmoz Finish

Pineau Cask Finish

Elodie VALLET envisioned Osmoz Citrus as a reflection of her character. With Osmoz Pineau Cask Finish, she wanted to experiment with a new aging process that had never been explored before. «I wanted gins aged with sweet notes and a beautiful roundness on the palate. That’s why we worked on a selection of barrels of old red or white Pineau des Charentes to create a unique and distinctive range of aged gins.»

This second batch shows a pale pink color. The nose is fruity, with citrus and floral notes. There’s also a hint of red fruit. The palate is full-bodied, with persistent spicy and lemony notes. An aged gin with character.

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